Gold had a pretty nice run to the upside today. With the amount of ground covered today I think we can safely say that Gold has two fair price levels. The first level is the actual closing fair price listed today at 1227.6. The morning opened with Gold trading at 1216.1. From here prices continued […]

Crude opened the U.S. session (7:20 am – 4:15 pm CST) at 93.80. For the first 30 minutes of trading a small distribution was created from 93.67 – 93.90. Crude eventually broke out to the upside creating a number of Value Gaps: the first from 93.91 – 94.14, the second from 94.22 – 94.56, the […]

After opening the U.S Session (7:20 – 4:15 CST) at 1229.9 and briefly establishing fair price at 1229.00 December Gold moved higher creating two Value Gaps, the first from 1230.1 – 1233.3 and the second from 1236.3 – 1241.0. Most of this second gap was filled leaving 1236.3 – 1237.9 remaining. Fair Price was established […]

Crude opened the U.S. session (8:00 am – 4:15 pm) at 94.32 briefly consolidating and setting Fair Price at 94.39. From here, still early in the session, the market moved higher creating a value gap from 94.90 – 95.15 (this gap was partially filled, leaving 94.90 – 95.08 remaining). Continuing its move higher Fair Price […]

Today we saw some nice back and forth action between two areas of value that can come into play during tomorrows trade. After opening the U.S. session (7:20 am – 4:15 pm CST) at 1280.5, gold spent a good portion of the morning trending higher. First upward move saw a Value Gap created from 1281.4 […]

After opening the U.S. session (8:00 am – 4:15 pm CST) higher, the December Crude Oil contract drifted lower establishing Fair Price at 94.56. Although this level held as fair price for a good portion of the session, prices did continue to drop. Two Value Gaps were created, the first from 94.46 – 94.35 and […]

The December Gold contract saw some interesting price action. After the release of NFP at 7:30 am CST, a large Value Gap was created extending from 1308.1 – 1296.1. Prices in gold continued their downward trend eventually establishing Fair Price at 1284.8; with a Value Area High of 1287.9 and a Value Area Low of […]

Metrixx utilizes proprietary algorithms to display price activity over time for a number of listed futures instruments. This short piece will help explain these distributions. To start with we should explain just what the Metrixx Fair Price (MFP) is and the Value Area that surrounds it. Simply put the Metrixx Fair Price is the price […]

During the earlier part of the U.S. Trading session (7:20 – 4:00 pm CST) two Value Gaps were noted: the first from 1315.0 – 1311.2 and the second from 1310.3 – 1307.9.  As the market consolidated and established Fair Price at 1307.3, we saw parts of the first as well as the entire second gap […]

A Value Gap was created in the December EUR/USD futures during the earlier part of the U.S. Trading Session (7:20 – 4:00 pm CST). This gap originated between 1.3490 – 1.3474. As the market consolidated and established fair price at 1.3477 we saw this gap get partially filled. The remaining Value Gap from 1.3490 – […]


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